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Published on 28th Feb 2017 in Tech

Will AI kill the PPC star?

Tech analysts have been discussing Artificial Intelligence (AI) for years, but only now is it moving out of the labs and into mainstream production.

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Published on 07th Feb 2017 in Marketing

How does online research influence automotive buyers?

62% of Internet users conduct product research online. Through their device, they can access almost unlimited information about any product. This is handy for automotive-buyers as they can find their new car without having to leave the comfort of their chair.

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Published on 25th Jan 2017 in Marketing

2017: The Year of the Customer

2017 is set to be an eventful year for the marketing world. We’ve already established that the new year will mean lots of changes within the realms of communication. Let’s take a look at how the customer experience may evolve over the coming months.

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