Caller Insight for Salesforce

Increase close rate and gain unparalleled marketing for your sales calls.

The Infinity Caller Insight App for Salesforce

Game changer

The Infinity Caller Insight App for Salesforce, is a game changer in the way an organisation can deal with inbound sales calls.

It delivers real time insight to sales operators of what the caller has been looking at on your website before calling you. This can help increase close rate for sales operators as well as give unparalleled marketing insight of the sales calls to your marketing team.

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Caller Insight

The Infinity Caller Insight App for Salesforce presents information about incoming callers to your call centre operators in real time.

If the caller is not a current customer, the operator is presented with information about the callers interactions prior to calling.

This can give the agent a huge advantage in knowing what the caller is interested in and therefore giving them a better chance of closing.

If the caller is an existing lead or customer, the operator is immediately presented with the information about the caller from the CRM allowing them to continue their conversation rather than starting from scratch every time, again saving significant amounts of time that result in business efficiency and happier customers.

How it works

Traditionally when a phone call comes into your company, you know nothing about the caller.

By using the data gathered by the Infinity Call Tracking system, we’re able to tell you key info about your caller – which page they called from and which pages they’ve viewed on your site, even which keyword that they typed into a search engine.

This gives you the chance to sell the right product and to upsell intelligently rather than through random guesswork.

Automate processes

Any manual process is a process with accuracy issues. Our system reduces manual processes to a minimum.

When an inbound call occurs, your operator is presented with either the existing Salesforce record relating to the caller, or the most recent interactions of the caller if they’ve never called your business before that they can then use to create a new lead.

This removes the manual entry of fields into the CRM to try to match up data which has huge inherent risk of inaccuracy and automates the passing of marketing data into the lead in Salesforce.

The above automation process also reduces the occurrence of duplicate records in your system by immediately presenting your agents with the relevant records where a match occurs.

Increase Sales Efficiency

Our system empowers your call centre operators to understand the needs and intentions of unknown inbound callers and therefore convert better & faster.

The system automates the matching of incoming calls to records allowing your operators to see previous notes and focus on picking up the conversation.

This allows you to save valuable minutes on every call allowing you to use that extra time to close more deals.


The Infinity Caller Insight App for Salesforce is a managed package that lives within the Salesforce CRM environment that dynamically looks up contacts, leads, opportunities and accounts and integrates directly into the Salesforce interface.

The Infinity Caller Insight App for Salesforce is only available in conjunction with Infinity Call Tracking Enterprise edition, and requires that you have the Enterprise Edition of Salesforce.

In order to obtain the best experience and enjoy the full feature set, we recommend using the Caller Insight App together with an Infinity Hosted PBX, so that you can identify which operator has answered the call and thus which agent to present the real time data to. It can be used with other PBX systems, operators will need to “claim” the call from a list of inbound calls.

For clients with an Infinity Hosted PBX there is also a standalone non Salesforce version, which gives you the ability to pass data into any other CRM system that has the ability to do a weburl style lookup.

Hosted PBX

A fully featured Business Phone system with all the benefits of being hosted in the Cloud.

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