Class Leading Call Tracking

Advanced Call Tracking features to maximize the benefits you get from your call tracking system


We have invested many years of development to build up an advanced feature set that gives you competitive advantage.

Though we are processing thousands of events every second, our goal is to distil this complex data into graphs and reports that allow you to make business decisions with confidence.

Our portal is designed to be entirely self service so you can add and tweak your features when you need to.

PPC Analysis

Infinity Call Tracking pulls in the networks data from Google and Bing to enrich the portal with campaign, adgroup and keyword data as well as impressions, clicks and PPC cost information.

This gives you a detailed understanding of the cost of your keywords balanced against the calls and conversions that they deliver. It also gives you an accurate view of your ROI, enabling you to create huge efficiencies in your PPC spend.

Conversion Attribution

Attribution is the way we allocate the cost of a sale against the various touchpoints of a customer’s journey.

We can give different weightings to different events, so that you get the best understanding of where the marketing touchpoints that you have paid for have most value.

This is often weighted towards the introductory terms at the beginning of the visitor journey where they are searching on generic PPC terms and are looking for an introduction to a brand.

Our system gives you visibility of these highly valuable interactions and identifies the value of these otherwise undervalued touchpoints.

CRM integration

Once you have understood how your campaigns deliver qualified calls, the next step is to work out the value of those conversions so you can identify your return on advertising spend per campaign and keyword.

This requires a process called CRM integration, where you use a unique identifier to create a link between your marketing data in Infinity and the Sales Data in your CRM.

This then gives you a view of all of your campaigns, adgroups and keywords with the ROAS of each so you can change your bids with confidence, spending more on the ones that deliver revenue and margin to your business.

Announce call reference

To be able to link your Infinity data with your CRM we offer a feature called announce call reference.

In this instance we can announce, via the phone, a unique call ID reference to the call operator to enter into their CRM.

Virtual Receptionist

We offer a range of single and multi-tier Virtual Receptionists (IVRs) which enable you to route your callers to the best sales agent or customer services representative.

We offer Time based Call Flows to give you the flexibility to define where calls route to in or out of office hours and during special events and holidays.

We also offer Skills based Call Flows to get callers to the most appropriate teams as quickly as possible to minimise drop off rates and to maximise conversion rates.

Welcome Message

It’s good to give a good first impression. You can record a welcome message that is used to greet all of your callers as they dial into your system.

This is also important where you need to notify your customers that their call is being recorded for quality assurance, which we would highly recommend.

Call Rating

If you spend money on campaigns, you want to know how that these generate calls but you also want to profile those calls to ensure that they are of value.

This feature allows your operators to press keypad buttons to rate the call. You can configure the options to relate to how your business works. You can rate any calls over a certain duration as a lead if required.

It is also possible to enter a sales conversion value using the keypad, which allows you to see exactly how your marketing campaigns deliver sales revenue.

Call Recording

Our system automatically records all of your calls both inbound and outbound. You can use these to ensure that your team have the right approach to customer services and sales maximizing your customer satisfaction levels and close rates.

If your calls contain sensitive information it is also possible to disable the call recording feature, alternatively the operator can pause and unpause the call recording for individual calls giving privacy for personal or financial information.

Nuisance Call Blocking

In the modern world there an increasing number of scenarios where you will receive calls that are classified as nuisance calls. This might be automated robo dialler calls or recurring calls from specific nuisance individuals.

All of these scenarios can cause your data to be skewed, your team to become demotivated and your sales teams time to be wasted. Our system gives you the ability to block nuisance calls from the system quickly and easily.

Missed Call Email Alerts

When you have a missed call, it’s always important to be notified. Our system gives you the ability to receive an email every time you miss a call, giving you the chance to call back as quickly as possible to avoid the customer losing interest.

This is especially important where your team members might be out of the office, so they can see that the call occurred and call the customer back.

We email you with the callers telephone number, time and date, of call and the pages they visited on your site to give you all the info you need to call them back.

Call Whisper/ Marketing Channel Announce

This allows your operator to hear a whisper before the call starts that gives them a quick insight into where the user came from, and can be very useful if you are running a magazine advert with a special offer, as this will prepare the operator with knowledge of the context of the call and allow them to handle the call efficiently.

Offline Call Tracking

Infinity Call Tracking can track any offline channels too. This could be anything from a direct marketing campaign to a TV Ad, if there’s a telephone number on it, we can track it.

Reporting API

We have a comprehensive API so anything you can view or change in our portal is available to you through the API.

Reports to help you make decisions

We refine complex business data into reports and dashboards that help you make decisions with confidence.

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