Call Tracking Integrations

Infinity Call Tracking data can be passed into a range of third party systems to ensure that you benefit from our data whichever system you view.


Infinity have developed a range of advanced integrations to enable you to pass data from Infinity into many 3rd party systems. This gives you the ability to see call data against any data gathered by 3rd party systems in near real time.

Our integrations mean that you can see the Infinity call from within your 3rd party system, which means that you are able to bid with a full understanding of on and offline conversion touchpoints.

Using your Infinity data in conjunction with Ad serving platforms allows you to see where calls have resulted from Ad interactions. We are devoted to you getting to the most out of your data, and having it presented where and how is most useful to you.

Talk to your account manager to identify which are inclusive and which are chargable.

Feature cards
  1. Analytics

    We have a range of advanced analytics integrations. These send phone call data in real-time into the 3rd party systems so you can see Infinity calls against online interactions in one interface.

  2. Tag Management

    Our system can integrate with various tag management system to allow you to place your javascript code onto the site easily and to dynamically generate your Infinity code for more complex scenarios, where there are various sections that need different tracking pools for example.

  3. Display Ad Serving

    Our innovative display network integrations deliver post impression call tracking that allow you to see the value of display ads better than ever before, including the world's first Post-Impression Call Tracking Integration with Google DCM.

  4. Bid Management Systems

    Infinity seamlessly integrates with all of the main bid management platforms, ensuring that you’ve got the call data in place alongside your bid data, so you can use calls to inform your decisions on which campaigns and keywords are creating calls and leads.

  5. CRM / Booking System

    By tracking the whole customer journey, from initial search through to ok sale, you can gain real insight into what parts of your marketing mix are working best for you. We integrate with a range of CRM and booking systems.

  6. AB & MV testing

    Infinity integrates with a number of split testing tools, which Infinity can fire calls into and help measure which pages may be generating more calls or a better quality of calls.

  7. Affiliate Systems

    We integrate with 3rd party affiliate systems to give you an understanding of the value of traffic and conversions provided by your affiliates.

  8. Webhooks

    Infinity offers the ability to integrate with an external web service by using webhooks, which provides the flexibility to integrate with third party systems without Infinity having an explicitly supported integration.

  9. Other systems

    We integrate with a range of other systems such as live chat, conversion rate optimization systems and marketing automation systems. At the moment we have active integrations for the following.

Caller Insight

The Infinity Caller Insight App for Salesforce presents information about incoming callers to your call centre operators in real time.

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