Reports to help you make decisions

Refine complex business data into reports and dashboards that help you make decisions with confidence.


We have spent thousands of hours building a powerful yet simple to use portal. Our portal is built around the principle of distilling complex data into insights that are easy to understand and to help you to make business decisions.

Our reporting framework presents graphical representations of your data in most of the areas of the Infinity portal, so you can see trends in various metrics at a glance rather than having to sift through and make sense of lists of numbers.

Here is a selection of some of the features and reports available.


The first of our reports is the one that greets you as you login, the dashboard. This gives you a view of all of your visits, split between new and returning visits and the number of call and qualified calls that have been generated.

This gives you an immediate overview of the health of your visitor and inbound all volumes over the last week, which you can then change using the date picker to any other time range.


Goals are an important concept in Infinity. Your calls are rated as being goals based either on them being qualified by your team using end of call rating, or by rating calls over a certain duration as being a call goal.

It’s also possible to create other goals to track online behaviour indicators, such as when a user clicks on a brochure, watches a video or fills in a form as these are important buying signals.

These goals can be viewed in the goals tab and also used in the PPC analysis tab to identify which campaigns and keywords are causing specific goals to be triggered.

PPC Analysis

The PPC Analysis report gives you a detailed view of how your paid search campaigns deliver calls and conversions. This shows a hierarchical view of all of your campaigns, ad groups and keywords including match type.

This view of how your campaigns deliver offline as well as online conversions gives you reassurance to bid aggressively on the keywords that deliver conversions and to reduce or turn off spend on keywords that deliver low volumes of calls.

This also ties in with CRM integration, which enables you to see conversion value against campaign, ad group and keyword.

This allows you to make changes to the keyword bids in your PPC campaign, which enables you to create efficiencies and gain true insight into your marketing spend. PPC Analysis report is available in Call Tracking Professional and Enterprise packages.

Drill down Graphs

We aim to make our data as useful as possible. You can look at a top level report, or you can drill further into the data.

For example you might start with a strategic report showing all traffic, drill down to channel, then drill down to the qualified calls in that channel and then see a list of the actual calls and listen to some of the call recordings.

It’s this flexibility that clients love, all the data is there and you can use the top line data or drill right down to individual visitors and calls.

This allows you to see how a campaign or keyword has changed over time by clicking on any data to view a drill down graph.

Visits, Goals and Channels

Our portal gives you a view of a range of important metrics. You can see a range of metrics in the portal that show how your visitors landed, browsed the site and ultimately made a phone call and made a purchase.

Our reports give you a view of all of these metrics in easy to absorb graphical form. Use the Channel over time report to see how each of your marketing channels is delivering when compared to other channels over varying time periods.

Or use the Channel Comparison to see which marketing channel is delivering the most activity to your company by visitor, by goal or by call.

Call and Visitor Reporting

Our system includes what we call our visitor trace. This gives a view of all the activity a user has had from the point where they landed on your site and every page browsed and call made since then.

We know everything about a visitor from their location to their phone number, OS and web browser. The visitor trace is like an audit of every touchpoint that a user has had with you.

Call Tracking Integrations

Infinity Call Tracking data can be passed into a range of third party systems to ensure that you benefit from our data whichever system you view.

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