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Marketing and Telephony technology are constantly evolving, we’ve been innovating and bringing the benefits of new tech to our clients since 2011.

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Infinity's Story

Our journey started in 2010 when we identified the need for a call tracking product from over a decade of experience of managing paid search campaigns.

It became clear that having no understanding of which phone calls resulted from specific campaigns and paid search keywords compromised the ability to prove the value of that campaign.

This was the basis for research into the solution, we found no solution and result was the foundation of Infinity Tracking and an internal investment in 12 months of initial product development before launch in 2011.

Our goal at this point was to create a technology business with engineering excellence at its core and develop a platform that the whole team could be proud of.

We created an account management team who are responsive and work closely with our clients to deliver results and an environment where all our team members can thrive and have the opportunity to learn and progress.

The company that we have today allows us to create great products as well as providing an enjoyable and engaging workplace full of innovative and passionate people.

Our clients benefit from this through the high level of support they receive, the fact that we are constantly looking for innovative ways to progress the product and the level of commitment we have for getting the results they need for their business.

Infinity Call Tracking Evolution

The Infinity system was created to allow both agencies and clients to manage their campaigns with a full understanding of both on and more importantly offline conversion points.

The underlying call tracking platform has grown organically and without external investment over the last 4 years, gathering features that focus on making our customers more successful.

We provide them with a product that is based on large volumes of complex data yet always focuses on presenting easy to consume views of actionable data to help you make the right decisions.

We continue to be an independent technology company with the ability to innovate and develop our services to benefit our clients.

Infinity Hosted PBX Evolution

Our Call Tracking platform was built to enable marketing insight. As time progressed and we looked into ways of innovating, we identified that we had the foundation of a fully featured cloud based phone system.

After 12 months of additional development, the Infinity Hosted PBX was made available as a service and has been in action for clients in the UK and the US for 12 month and across many other global territories.

The Infinity Platform delivers phone traffic around the world using globally distributed load balanced servers to ensure maximum dependability.

Infinity Caller Insight App Evolution

Alongside the Hosted PBX, we have developed the Infinity Caller Insight App for Salesforce, again as a direct need for clients who used Salesforce CRM and required integration.

This system gives operators a real-time view of the key interactions that the user has had prior to calling again giving them a headstart on the competition and allows them to deliver the highest levels of efficiency and optimization.

It also automates the link between your marketing and sales data allowing funnel reporting that has never been possible before due to the inherently dependence on human interaction of CRM integration.

Our advanced funnel reports enable you to visualise how your visits progress to calls, to qualified calls, to demos booked, to quotes sent, to sales closed (or whichever CRM steps you use in your business).

This is highly innovative and is something none of our competitors can achieve.

How we work

We work in an agile development framework, giving us the ability to deliver features on our product roadmap, whilst also giving us the flexibility to assess the effectiveness of each feature and iteratively refine post release.

Our team are all constantly helping our clients with their challenges, so we constantly exposed to what they need and constantly strive to help them.

This approach has led to us being able to develop some very innovative features that our clients love!

Our Clients

Our clients rate our service very highly. Check out the Google Apps Gallery to see for yourself. We’re Number #1.

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