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A fully featured Business Phone system with all the benefits of being hosted in the Cloud.

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Introduction to Hosted PBX

Choosing the best phone system for your company is a difficult decision. You need reliability, flexibility and ease of use. You also need advanced reporting and dashboards. Traditional PSTN phone systems are expensive and inflexible, requiring costly on-site hardware and taking weeks to configure.

The Infinity Hosted PBX is different. It has been designed from the ground up to deliver reliability and scalability with advanced reporting at its core. It offers the flexibility that businesses need, combined with low cost setup, low ongoing charges and competitive call tariffs. Whether you’re a small business of 5 people or a global business with call centres of hundreds of agents, we’ve got a package to fit your needs.

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The Infinity phone system is entirely delivered from the Cloud, meaning that you don’t need anything more than a reliable Internet connection to be able to use the system.

An increasing number of businesses are moving towards internet telephony to give them the flexibility for the phone system to adapt as the company changes and grows, to intelligently route calls, to setup remote offices and to facilitate roaming users & home workers.

Multi Office

Our system enables you to structure your phone system in the same way as your business. You can setup groups for the different offices that you have.

You can setup departments, teams and skill groups and change which team members are in which skill groups in two clicks giving you total control of your call routing. If you’ve got home or remote workers who need to make and receive calls you can set them up easily too.

Easy Setup

Our Hosted PBX can be setup for you in minutes. You’re then able to add new users, plug in a SIP based handset to your business internet connection and you’ll immediately be able to start making and receiving phone calls.

Our system gives you crystal clear phone calls at an affordable cost.


Our pricing model is based on a subscription for 5 users, with additional users paid for per seat. Our system is designed to grow with you as a business, delivering low price entry and competitive call charges.

As you grow, you just need to add more subscriptions for more users, and buy more handsets.


A key factor with any business is visibility of what’s happening on your phones. Our advanced reporting gives you this information in easy to absorb reports and graphs.

For example you can see call queue duration by time of day to identify which times of day result in high call volumes that your team struggle to deal with. The reports give you the ability to make business changes to create efficiency, save money and improve the customer call experience.

Powerful features

The Infinity phone system has a standard set of powerful features that range from advanced conference calling functionality to the ability to configure skills based call routing.

Our system offers the highest levels of reliability that are of course essential in the delivery of any telephony system. We also have a disaster recovery feature which allows your calls to be automatically routed to an alternate destination in the event that a disaster were to occur, covering everything from a fire in your office through to your internet being down.

Advanced features

The Infinity Hosted PBX has the ability to be used in conjunction with the Infinity Call Tracking system. This gives you access to insight data that relates to each inbound call as it occurs.

This allows the call centre agent to identify key interactions that the user has had prior to the call so they can tailor their conversation to focus on what the caller wants.

Very importantly, it also creates an automated way of linking the visitor insight in the Infinity Call Tracking system with the customer data in your CRM or booking system, something that has never been possible before and delivers reports that show the progression of the user from search engine to purchase.

This system is called the Infinity Caller Insight App

PBX Features

Advanced phone system features.

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