Call Centre Features

Call Centre features that enable you to view the health of your call centre in real time and create efficiency.

Call Centre Features

Imagine being able to manage your call centre from anywhere with advanced reporting and dashboards that give you an instant view of the health of your call centre and the satisfaction of your callers.

Our system is built around our reporting engine which gives you visibility of any scenario before it affects customer satisfaction or the effectiveness of your team. You can see the performance of your whole call centre, separate teams or drill down to individual team members to check on their ongoing performance.

Operator Utilisation

Any call centre suffers from the challenge of peaks and troughs in inbound call volume.

During various times of day you’ll have periods where there are too many calls where the time taken to answer calls goes up and periods where there are fewer calls and staff utilisation goes down.

Our system lets you identify these two scenarios so you can plan your staffing more effectively to reduce call queue times during peak hours and maximise staff utilisation during quite periods by increasing PPC bids to drive extra traffic or by encouraging outbound calling.

Queue time analysis

There’s nothing worse than calling a company and having to wait ages for your call to be answered.

Our system gives you the ability to see where long queue times are occurring and also to see when long queue waits result in callers getting bored and dropping off.

You can’t afford to waste new leads or annoy existing clients, our system makes sure you understand your queue times so you can reduce them.

Real-time call dashboards

Managing a call centre is a difficult job. Having the right data to hand helps you to make the right decisions that make you and your team more effective.

You can see who is on the phone right now, the number of calls waiting in the queue and details of key stats such as the longest queue duration right now.

All of this on a dashboard that you can use or display to your team to motivate them.

PBX Reporting

The Infinity Hosted PBX reports have been designed to give visibility of key telephony metrics and to identify where improvement and efficiencies could be introduced into your business.

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