PBX Features

Advanced phone system features

Powerful feature set

Phone systems are judged by varying factors depending on what type of business you are.

There are phone systems that have thousands of features that are very expensive because it requires ongoing investment to maintain and support such a vast feature set.

At Infinity, we always aim to develop a lean features set that delivers what our clients require with user interfaces that are intuitive and clean. In this way you can benefit from highly usable core features and not pay for the features that you don’t use.

The system delivers the highest levels of uptime and dependability as it’s based on our resilient and scalable Infinity platform.

Call Recording

Our system automatically records all of your calls both inbound and outbound. This gives you the ability to listen back to the calls that have been made, so you can ensure that your team have the right approach to customer services and sales, improving your overall sales team close rate and improving customer service levels.

It’s also possible to disable call recording completely if there is secure information in the calls that should not be recorded, alternatively it’s possible to pause and unpause the call recording for individual calls.

Welcome Message

You can record a welcome message that is used to greet all of your callers as they dial into your system, ensuring that you deliver a professional first impression to all of your callers.

This is also important where you need to notify your customers that their call is being recorded for quality assurance, which we would highly recommend.

Virtual receptionist (IVR)

Our Virtual Receptionist plays an audio message of options to your caller and then routes them to the right department or skills team, based on the caller’s keypad selection.

This gets your callers to the right operator fast ensuring that your drop off rates are as low as possible. You can also use your virtual receptionist to route calls to different offices or voicemail based on time of day, or during closing hours, weekends and public holidays for calls to route to voicemail for example.


Our conferencing system makes it easy for you to deliver a professional conference calling experience to your customers.

Upload your own branded message to introduce your company and customisable music while your guests wait to speak to you.

The conference bridge is included as part of the Infinity Hosted PBX package. An added benefit of the conference system is that calls to it from your staff are free!

Voicemail to Email

When you miss a call to your company and a new or returning customer leaves you a voicemail, you need to be notified as it could be an important lead that you don’t want to miss.

Our system delivers voicemails as an audio attachment to your email so you can listen to the voicemail from your smartphone and call the customer back straight away.

Missed Call Email Alerts

When you have a missed call, it’s always important to be notified. Our system gives you the ability to receive an email every time you miss a call, giving you the chance to call back as quickly as possible to avoid the customer losing interest.

This is especially important where your team members might be out of the office, so they can see that the call occurred and call the customer back.

Nuisance Call Blocking

In the modern world there an increasing number of scenarios where you will receive calls that are classified as nuisance calls.

This might be automated robo dialler calls or recurring calls from specific nuisance individuals. All of these scenarios can cause your data to be skewed, your team to become demotivated and your sales teams time to be wasted. Our system gives you the ability to block nuisance calls from the system quickly and easily.

Call Centre Features

Call Centre features that enable you to view the health of your call centre in real time and create efficiency.

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