PBX Reporting

Reporting and dashboards to help you make decisions.

Business Phone System Reporting

The Infinity Hosted PBX reports have been designed to give visibility of key telephony metrics and to identify where improvement and efficiencies could be introduced into your business.

As a business owner you need to have actionable insight at your finger tips to identify where your callers are encountering issues and to resolve these as fast as possible to reduce any potential loss of valuable leads.

You also need to ensure you’re your existing clients are able to contact you quickly and easily. If your business runs a call centre, you’ll also want to understand how your team are performing at a group and individual level.

Our system includes a range of reports that allow you to visualise how your calls are being routed and where there are bottlenecks.

Call Reporting

We have a range of reports that allow you to see how your calls are being routed to your agents. We have graphical representations of calls in a range of reports so you can manage and monitor key metrics in your business.

It may be that you want to monitor how many inbound calls you get to the business by hour of day so you can ensure that you have the right staffing levels to answer the calls quickly and not lose leads.

You may want to measure how many outbound calls are being initiated by your sales team to seek out new opportunities. You may want to see what queue duration causes callers to get tired of waiting and drop out of your Virtual Receptionist.

At the base level, we also have a call log which gives you access to all of the call data for every call, and the ability to export the full call log.

Whichever metric you’re trying to measure, our reports give you the right view to change your business process with confidence.

Operator Reporting

Any business needs to have visibility of individual performance. At the core, being able to listen back to any calls that your team have both made or received gives you as business manager the ability to ensure that your team are all communicating with your clients in a professional manner and using the right sales techniques and messaging.

From a reporting perspective, it also gives you the ability to see how many calls your team members have made and received during the course of the last week, month or quarter so you can identify both your strongest team members and those that need help or training.

At a more advanced level, when used in conjunction with the Infinity Caller Insight App and Infinity Call Tracking, you can start to gain an understanding of conversions by operator giving you an absolute metric of individual success.

Call Center Reporting

Managing a call centre is a difficult job, and one that only gets harder as your team expands to the point where you can’t directly see your agents all of the time.

Call Centre reporting and real time dashboards give you as Call Center manager the ability to measure key metrics in real time so you can avoid client satisfaction scenarios before they have arisen. Metrics such as number of available agents and number of calls in queue give you an immediate view of the health of the call centre, with other metrics such as current longest caller queue duration give you and the team a metric to keep as low as possible.

You may want to use these dashboards on a large screen in the call centre to aid self motivation. In addition, our call centre reporting gives you access to reports such as call wait times by time of day and longest call wait duration, so you can see when the team are struggling to manage call volumes and when they might be underutilized and could be engaged by being given outbound calls to make.

Call center reporting features are available within Infinity PBX Premium Edition and also as part of the Infinity Call Tracking Enterprise Edition.

The Infinity Cloud

Our distributed platform spanning the globe processes terabytes of data and tens of thousands of calls every day.

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