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Published on 28th Feb 2017 in Tech

Will AI kill the PPC star?

Tech analysts have been discussing Artificial Intelligence (AI) for years, but only now is it moving out of the labs and into mainstream production.

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Published on 18th Jan 2017 in Tech

How artificial intelligence is changing communications

Though it was first thought of in the early 1300s, artificial intelligence is only just becoming an everyday reality. Most smartphones have some sort of virtual assistant, Xbox One can track human movement, and self-driving cars are now hitting the streets.

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Published on 06th Dec 2016 in Tech

Virtual Reality: the next step for communications?

In my recent talk at Integrated Live, ExCel London , I discussed how we’d moved from the stone age tablet to the iPad tablet in 5000 years. From Alexander Graham Bell’s phone to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Messenger, we’ve come a long way since scratching on clay, and most of the progress has been in the last 100 years. Which begs the question: what does the more immediate future hold for developments in communications?

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Published on 19th Jun 2015 in Tech

What are Robo-Diallers?

We explain what they are in this article and what can be done to reduce the effect they have on your business.

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