Infinity Call Tracking, is an advanced call tracking services that integrates into Google Analytics and AdWords out of the box.

An introduction from our founder Powerful reports

"Infinity Tracking is the most advanced call tracking solution in
the World and can track an unlimited number of search keywords. For any company where a phone number is an important part of their online strategy, understanding exactly which keywords drive phone calls is invaluable.

Attributing calls to the correct keywords means you can bid more aggressively on the keywords that work and reduce bids on the keywords that don’t. 

With 10 years experience at the helm of a leading paid search agency,
I can guarantee that by using our service you can increase your paid search performance by at least 25%."

With more than a dozen built in attribution models; and the ability to build your own custom ones you can really understand the cross channel effect on your business.

Infinity Call Tracking seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics so detailed segmentation and path analysis can be performed on visitors and goals. Read more about Google Analytics and AdWords Integration

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