Frequently asked questions

  • Frequently asked questions
  1. What is Call Tracking?
  2. Why do I need Call Tracking?
  3. What is Infinity Tracking?
  4. How does dynamic call tracking work?
  5. Do you provide a unique number to every visitor?
  6. How does visitor level tracking work?
  7. Why should I choose Infinity Call Tracking?
  8. How is Infinity different to other Call Tracking Providers
  9. Why can't I just use Google's Website Call Conversions?
  10. Can I use Infinity Numbers for my Google Call Extensions?
  11. How do I contact Infinity?
  12. US Toll-Free 800/888 Prefix
  13. If I record my calls in Infinity, am I PCI compliant?
  14. Platform Security
  15. Why are my calls failing?
  16. What are Nuisance Callers?
  17. What are Robo Diallers?
  18. Are Infinity numbers quarantined?
  19. Why is my number replacement slow?
  20. How do I install Infinity Tracking on a WordPress site?
  21. How do I show numbers that are specific to my visitors location?
  22. How do I know which version of Google Analytics I am using?
  23. Why can't I see my SEO Keywords?
  24. Can you integrate into other analytics and bid management systems?
  25. Why do my AdWords conversions not match Infinity "Goals" & other PPC questions?
  26. Why does the channel data within Infinity not match the source information within Google Analytics?
  27. Using Google Tag Manager to install the Infinity Tracking JavaScript
  28. Why should I use Auto Discovery JavaScript and not the old Classic JavaScript?
  29. What do I do if I have forgotten my password?
  30. How do I change my password?
  31. What do the columns mean in the Infinity log exports?
  32. Can I access the Infinity API?
  33. Can I use the Infinity logo on my website?
  34. What’s on an Infinity Order Form?
  35. Competition T&Cs - Integrated Live 2016
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